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JJ - She/Her

07/23/2022, 7:21 AM
Hi Everyone, we have a finance intern who has just completed their internship with us here in London and now looking for full time role. He's very sharp and can largely fill any role. Has just finished his MSc in international business and finance with BA in physics & economics. Unfortunately, we don't have the budget to retain him. Anyone looking to hire someone who can hit the ground running with/without supervision, please Dm me to share cv/make intro. He's based in London, UK and open to in office or remote or hybrid roles. Thanks.
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Jordan H (open for work)

07/23/2022, 8:30 PM
Unfortunately I don't but I gotta say... ...if you have to let someone go... ...this is how you do it. ✔️
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Ash Barbour

07/24/2022, 3:19 PM
Good on you, wishing them luck
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