Not directly connected to growth, but here's my qu...
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Not directly connected to growth, but here's my question: Has anyone found a virtual or physical debit card that works with Google Pay/Wallet and can be issued to a US C-Corp with non-US founders? Revolut Business is available for US but does not allow non-US founders, and Cledara cards cannot be used with Google Pay.
j perhaps?
I think is only U.S. Same with Abine Blur. 🙁
Your best bet is probably prepaid Visa cards from the grocery store.
a does not support foreign founders
Revolut business should work for non-Us founders? Is the company solely registered in the US?
@Andrew Gallagher we have a Revolut business account for our Greek branch. But I need a card for our US company also, and it cannot be issued when the founders are non-US citizens.