Daily Growth Tip: Convert more leads by using expl...
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Daily Growth Tip: Convert more leads by using exploratory wording in your CTAs If your terminology implies that a potential consumer must make a commitment before they are ready, they will often walk away. Use exploratory words to get them in the door. Form interaction increased by 17 percent when Google altered the call to action from "Book a hotel" to "Check availability." Many potential consumers appear to have avoided the initial CTA since it sounded like a commitment. They were also more receptive to the exploratory CTA because they believed they had more time to weigh their alternatives. Conveniently, after a potential consumer invests time and learns more about a product, they are more inclined to commit. Consider relaxing any strong CTAs, marketing material, and so on. Swipe's Gene Maryushenko uses the example "Give it a try" rather than "Create an account."
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