Harsh Gupta

12/08/2022, 4:41 PM
SEO Tools & Resources we have used at Cliently to grow from 0 to 65k monthly traffic and 0 to 800 trials a month in just 9 months. (continued in threads)
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Keyword Research: - Ahrefs & Semrush - Start with the low-difficulty bottom of funnel keywords. *- Data Scraping of re*views of our competitors using WebScrapingAPI which gives pain-point & use-case keywords - for recording sales calls & later using these transcripts to get pain-point keywords. - SurveyMonkey for collecting customer feedback & later finding out customer success keywords that would increase retention. Hiring Writers: - LinkedIn for experienced premium b2b SaaS writers. - Internshala for hiring freshers. Requires mentoring, but some employees can be gems. - Upwork - Prefer agencies over freelancers. 150-200 dollars for a 2000-word high-quality article. For SEO & Content hygiene: - Notion for onboarding, documentation & creating checklists. - Surfer used to create briefs for writers - this makes sure that the article will rank. A score of 85+ is a must. - Grammarly premium for improving flow, grammar. Hemingway App to polish writing. A score of less than 7 is a must. - CoSchedule headline analyzer tool to rate your headings & get suggestions - Copyscape plagiarism checker tool. Only less than 5% plagiarism is accepted. - Moz on-page grader for on-page optimization - Wordable to transfer blogs from google Word to WordPress, keeping image quality high. For graphics: Unsplash, Shutterstock & Pexels for Images Canva for advanced graphics designs & designing cover images Backlinks - - Fetch data of SEO titles from and then create a sequence of cold emails inside Cliently asking for backlinks. - Put keywords on which you want to get backlinks in BuzzStream and email the people from inside the platform for link exchange or link buying. - Link buying from Adsy - Guest Posting Service and ipcoify. Most sites are news sites, though. - Always check for spam scores on Moz. It should be less than 5%. - Check traffic on Semrush and see the sources of traffic by country. - Ideally, you want links from sites whose primary geography is the same as yours and has at least 500 organic traffic from that country. For measuring performance: - Google search console to see which pages you are getting traffic and how much. - Set up signup as goal in Google analytics & measure signups coming from each page. Use the google model comparison tool inside ga to measure first touch attribution as well (when blog is partially responsible for signup) - Microsoft Clarity is user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website. For optimizing CTA: OptinMonster - Create various CTAs, test them out and create as many rules as you like. Retargeting: Retarget visitors on ads or cold email by getting their info from Clearbit, LeadPost
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12/08/2022, 5:19 PM
@Harsh Gupta this post is a gem 💎 Thank you for sharing