Hello fellow changemakers We'd like to invite you...
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Hello fellow changemakers We'd like to invite you to participate in a new project called jam sessions. The idea is to bring together a small group of entrepreneurs (4-6 people) to help each other solve problems and challenges in their businesses. Here's how it will work: we'll start by focusing on one entrepreneur's problem or challenge, and work together for 2-3 hours to come up with a solution. This may also result in some deliverables for their business. Then we'll move on to the next entrepreneur and repeat the process for the next session until each entrepreneur has had their startup as the focus. By working together, we can leverage our collective knowledge, energy, and perspectives to help each other succeed. If you're tired of working in a silo and want to work with other like-minded entrepreneurs, please fill out the form linked below, and we'll get you started. (In care you're wondering who are "we". We're Sachin Shah from Elevation AI and Ahmed AbouElezz from FITT Finder. We've been collaborating for a while together and with many other founders. We believe in the power of collective intelligence and have fun jamming to solve problems!) What's next after filling this out? We'll help setup jam sessions groups, provide a structure, and get your feedback after the first sessions. We'll iterate until we all love it, then share the experience with a larger group. https://forms.gle/r4rpYDjUL3viH47e6
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