12/19/2022, 2:03 PM
Hey Thoughts on Google new updates regarding SEO?
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Yuri Drabik

12/19/2022, 2:53 PM
What’s up with that? Do you have a link to the updates?

Max Peters

12/20/2022, 1:16 AM
There's been a few updates this month so far already! Helpful content update On the 5th: Link spam update on the 13th: And an update to Google's Quality Raters Guidelines that now ads "experience", along side "expertise, authority and trustworthiness" for what assers should look for in quality content.
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Yuri Drabik

12/20/2022, 9:11 AM
Oh, thanks for sharing! Haven’t heard about them…

Ryan Olestro

12/20/2022, 1:08 PM
Honestly, I think it’s in all likelyhood making Google better. But Sometimes the effects are really felt in particular industries. For example. EAT was already a thing before it was announced. It you were in a medical industry you knew that your articles needed a statement that they were written or reviewed by medical professionals. (Just one example) Shady link building (or just the gamification of link building) has been a problem forever!
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