Eraldo Forgoli

12/22/2022, 8:06 AM
Hey folks πŸ‘‹ We’re excited to share with you today OneCal: a productivity tool that helps you avoid meeting conflicts by automatically blocking time in your work calendar for meetings in other calendars, is live on Product Hunt πŸš€ My co-founder and I have been working as Software Engineer consultants for more than 6 years, working for small and large US corporates and startups. During these years, we have routinely worked with multiple calendars and dealt with meeting conflicts pretty often. We kept experiencing the same issue over and over again, and three months ago we started building OneCal, with the sole purpose of making calendar synchronization as easy as possible. In September we launched our Private Beta and reached 400+ private beta users which gave us amazing feedback about the app and helped us improve the experience even more. Today we are happy to launch OneCal with the Product Hunt community. πŸš€ 😻 πŸš€ Our team will be there all day to engage with the community and answer all the questions. Drop by to check out our page, your feedback means a lot to us! ❀️
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