Hi everyone! I’m performing an initial idea valida...
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Hi everyone! I’m performing an initial idea validation just to hear if people find if meaningful. Please share what you think about it. The idea is a modern customer-to-customer marketplace of used products for Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, etc). The thing is Ebay delivery is super-long for this region and local marketplaces of this type are out of 2000s in all means + don’t have any features/services at all. The most popular one in Slovakia - Bazos, still has 16 million visits per month. It’s where I see an opportunity of a new full-featured engaging marketplace that claims to give customers an easy way to help ecology (because prolonging products life). Ebay’s features (delivery, payments) are the very minimum that needs to be done (still missing in literally all local marketplaces), but I see a lot of space for creativity in further improving trust and UX. Some of them might be pretty unique exactly for the domain of used items. Some core ideas I have in mind: 1. No paid promotions. Products positioning to be based on a transparent rating that counts how well product is described + seller personal rating. 2. “Store product in our storage until it’s sold” service. Imagine keeping the old freezer 3 month at house. 3. Installation/deinstallation services for both buyers and sellers. 4. Support for all kinds of products. Meaning detailed product description forms when posting and detailed filters when searching. 5. Sense of mindful community around it. So it’s not just another eCommerce platform, but a place for people who cares about ecology as we do. a. maybe achievements system. Sort of “I saved 10 things this year”, b. offline events with handmade/second hand stuff c. editors/community picks on the website. Sort of “Look at this 1-month-of-use microwave, we shouldn’t let it go to trash!” d. ecology oriented social media Please, share your feedback and hit me hard!