Melih Birim

01/12/2023, 10:21 AM
Yesterday, we have released the mini app called on PH. You can see the it here. The things I have learned so far. 1-The first hour is really important, managing it is really crucial. 2- Ask for help before you want to launch, we have started to connect with others a month ago 3- The most of our votes came from our linkedin event and PH online users. 4- Ask help from other hunters, creators and help them. This is not a race, help to get help. 5- USA timezone can change your daily position on the featured list 6- There will be people to offer you 400-500 votes or top #5 on today list and you will see those products can jump 400 votes within minutes. 😞 Shame!!! 7- Whatever happens, don’t forget this is not a race and not a big deal. For any other questions you can contact me anytime you want. Regards.