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Hello everybody 👋🏻👋🏻 ⚙️ Did you know that more than 100 new companies are founded every day in Estonia? We ❤️ 🇪🇪 📍 Welcome Center Estonia focuses on this opportunity. We collect this data in real time, enrich it with 7 - 8 different sources and provide one easy business intelligence dashboard for you to easily see and follow the entire business market daily with all founder names and contact details. 📈 Company information is partially available in different areas, but there is only one dashboard where you can see and analyze all newly established company names, founders and contact information on real-time basis. That effective tool helps you to track the changes in the Estonia Business market with trust scores to find customers and product-related partners and help you to sell your services and products. That information empowers companies and consumers in many areas such as import, and export areas with service and product sales focus mostly. 💵 💵 We have over 50+ paying customers on several sectors such as Digital Banking Providers, Accounting Service Companies, Legal Companies, Insurance Companies, Business Associations and Embassies. 🏁 Free Trial @ https://welcomecenterestonia.ee/index.php?route=information/demo ( you will love it! ) 💖 (also, if you want to continue message me to get your discount code for paid usages..) 📹 If you want to check some features fast before DEMO, you can also watch that effective 4-min video: https://go.welcomecenter.link/wce-business-intelligence