Evgenia Budrina

01/12/2023, 11:40 AM
A question about promoting your saas with influencers We are an email marketing saas and we are now on the hunt for influencers with very high quality audience so we could advertise our special offer with them. We are only looking for those influencers who have very engaged and active audience as we have a solid budget for this promotion and we don't want it to go down the drain if the audience is not good enough. Has anyone had experience with influencer marketing for your saas? If yes, where do you guys start your search for such influencers? How do you make sure you spend your ads budget on the right ones to get decent results? We have already done some ads with newsletters/podcasts- all we got was lots of clicks but no sales. We don't want this to happen again. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Melih Birim

01/12/2023, 1:36 PM
In we had tried this, influencer marketing. It is very time consuming thing. Although it brings a peak in traffic, if they do not continue to promote the product it is useless. However, the thing work for us is to find agencies or possible freelancers work with our competitors. Do revenue sharing and you will see the sales, eventually. This works with B2B SaaS and a huge competitor, the powerful competitor should not be more than one. They can easily buy the agencies!