Paul Van Zandt

01/12/2023, 6:39 PM
Question about effective marketing channels: Besides SEO, what are some good places to focus as a founder looking to grow a SaaS startup? Would love to hear about some channels that people have found success with in the past 😁

Ryan Olestro

01/12/2023, 7:46 PM
Social media. Slack communities. But please if you’re in slack communities don’t just post answers to questions no one is asking (lol) engage genuinely

Diraj Goel

01/12/2023, 8:33 PM
Communities, and focus on creating your own around though leadership on the problems you solve. Partnership and sponsoring thought leaders with audiences (influencers in layman terms).
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Sven Radavics

01/13/2023, 2:12 AM
Partnerships with other brands that are not competitive but have the same target market as you
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01/13/2023, 9:59 AM
Product Hunt launch can help also
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Munib raza khan

01/13/2023, 6:25 PM
Cold email, content creation,community building, DMs everything depends upon your niche n product price
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Gal Lamovšek

01/13/2023, 11:26 PM
+ Reddit, depending on the type of your startup tho. I use a tool called F5Bot to get notified whenever my keywords are mentioned in a reddit post/comment. For SaaS companies, Twitter is also perfect.
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Gaurav Patil

01/14/2023, 7:17 PM
Hey @Paul Van Zandt, Apart from SEO, you can do regular webinars and promote them on social media to get the audience. Once you have the audience, you can do email marketing with that audience. Do regular webinars with the member of the product team (it would work great if they are good speakers).
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01/16/2023, 7:20 PM
Build your own community, through thought leadership
Last year, we built our opt-in database from 2,000 years which took us 3 years, to over 12,000 in 6 months

Munib raza khan

01/16/2023, 7:22 PM
@Fahima did you launch there?

shilpa kukreja

01/16/2023, 8:39 PM
From my experience as a marketer for 2 SaaS products founder, I would suggest looking at it from the “problem you are solving” perspective. Having a landing page with crisp copywriting and then focusing on solutions does the winning relatively. It depends on your niche as well and your target audience
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Munib raza khan

01/16/2023, 9:58 PM
@shilpa kukreja can you tell us the startup you are working with 🙂

gavriela dvorah gerson

01/17/2023, 8:49 AM
You need a good website with crisp copy, but the truth is, no one visits a website unless prompted. I agree with those who suggest you focus on thought leadership content. Twitter and LinkedIn are the best channels for this. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and engage with others in your niche and your prospects.

Patrick Ryan

02/14/2023, 7:18 PM
Anyone here need help with Reddit? I download all 300GB+ of comments from Reddit per month and run some nerd magic on it to understand how people in one subreddit belong in another, so I can give you lookalike audiences for Reddit. Here's an example for r/iPhone