02/14/2023, 10:55 PM
Weird response to my first Reddit post about my app. Did I over share on info, making it less likely people would ask questions?

Benjamin Boman

02/15/2023, 4:34 AM
which response was weird?
he's right. your UX needs work. i'm not a designer but some ideas: 1. single column 2. nav bar smaller 3. choose a headline that explains the benefit "reduce podcast pitch spam without reducing visibility" 4. explain the app in subhead - "create a free profile and start managing guest requests today, for free" 5. find someone to make a simplified ui explainer image instead of stock sorry for the janky text, can only type w one hand


02/15/2023, 7:12 AM
Thanks, @Benjamin Boman. Those are really great tips. I did actually mean that I was surprised I only had one person saying anything in the thread. I thought it was weird that only one person engaged with the post, even though I posted it at the peak hour for the week in that subreddit.

Evan Roberts

02/15/2023, 11:57 AM
I think that’s a reflection of your pitch. It wasn’t clear and then looking at the UX I still wasn’t sure what it does. I have a semi-popular sports podcast and never have pitch spam as you called it.


02/16/2023, 7:54 PM
My podcast is in the fashion space, and we get it constantly. I’m guessing you don’t work with a lot of publicists? In fashion, everyone has a publicist, and they usually have a ton of other clients they’re always trying to push.