I am reactivating my LLC, my own CRO, sales leader...
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I am reactivating my LLC, my own CRO, sales leadership, coaching founders and execs, implementation, copy etc. consulting business and pushing it live this week - it’s called No BS Consulting and right now it’s password protected, but if you’re interested I’ll let you take a sneak peak. If you’re a founder and exec of an SMB, reach out to me. I’m happy to do short term or long term engagements. alexa@nobsconsulting.io A little about me: I’ve been building rev organizations and outbound sales operations/teams from the ground up for about 10 years now. I’d like to think I’m the sales guru or sensei of sales, if you will, but have learned from the best. Heavily entrenched in the B2B SaaS startup world, I’ve worked under Gary Vee, Jason Calacanis, CEO of Flatfile, ExperienceNVE, TheFutureParty, MarketerHire, Inside.com, and a bunch of other...big guys and big names. I’ve also spent six years coaching founders and execs of 1-20 person startups in early stage funding. I have a proven track record and now a method and formula that embodies full cycle sales, strategy, implementation, leadership that has resulted in increased ROI, higher LTV and AOV, and well oiled money making machines. I have 12 years of electric experience of SaaS, media, FinTech, leadership, and success, as well as six or seven years of consulting founders and executives, as well as their small, growing sales teams, hire for them, start their tech stacks, implement my AlexaSales101Encyclopedia(TM). #consulting #fractionalCRO #fractionalsales #fullcyclesales #salesconsulting #salesleadership #b2bsaas #openforbusiness #consultingforfounders
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