Hey, guys. I'm Nina, I just launched my subscripti...
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Hey, guys. I'm Nina, I just launched my subscription-based design and development company Flowity AI. We would love you feedback on the website • What are your thoughts on the design? Is there anything you didn't understand or wasn't clear? • What are some important key features missing? • Would you hire our team for the price of one single person? Any constructive advice you want to tell us, please just reply. I'm a software engineer on my way to becoming an AI/ML engineer, looking to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs. I'm currently learning a lot about marketing and digital presence. I'm creating content for social media to engage and convert to sales as well as cold messaging. I have worked with two big companies but I have realized that freelance was getting me way more money and time to myself and family than working full time. As a women in STEM I felt on my skin the barriers women get in the field and I had a philanthropical desire to make myself useful in a way that I can, which is why I created my first organization called Ninescode where I collaborate with other organizations to help bring more awareness and help fill the gender gap. It's an ongoing project but led myself to expanding my horizons and instead of just freelancing, I started my own design and development company with a team to bring quality with a improved collaboration tool and also to actively enhance Ninescode's capabilities. Flowity AI is still growing and I have been learning a lot about entrepreneurship since freelancing is way different. Please, do not hesitate to connect with me on linkedin or any other socials. If you like more information about out projects and how we work at Flowity AI, please contact me or my team on admin@flowity.ai