Hi everyone! Want to share one unique growth hack ...
# growth-tips
Hi everyone! Want to share one unique growth hack that proven to increase website conversion rates up to 70% - capturing opt-in contacts who visit but abandon your website. Here's how it works: 1. Place a site visit pixel where you watch to capture contacts from (i.e. product pages); and a conversion pixel where you want to exclude (i.e. success pages). 2. Through integrations with trusted data partners, you can match anonymous digital identifiers to enrich them into customer profiles. With access to 500+ million US devices, you can identify MAIDs, emails, persona profiles, and postal addresses, all of which can be brought to your CRM or CDP. 3. Add your new list of first-party data to conversion funnel drip campaigns*.* Important to note that these are compliant opt-in audiences available in the US only. If you want to learn more on this topic, DM me 😉