The biggest breakthrough I had when it came to wri...
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The biggest breakthrough I had when it came to writing ads that work was when I started focusing on what people actually want. Not what they say they want - but what actually makes them BUY. Potential customers often "lie" to us, not on purpose, but because we share our desires from our ideal self but end up making most purchase decisions as our true self. So, I started looking around at what people did and what products or services actually sell. One of my mentors (David Garfinkel) talks about how pretty much every invention in some way makes life easier on people. So, making life easier is definitely one of the things we know humans will pay for. But what else? After about 10 years working in the direct response industry where you get instant (and often painful to your ego) feedback, I discovered 5 things that get people to buy. And these are the things you want to highlight in your business, your ads, your product, etc. In fact - if your product doesn't do at least 3 of these things, it probably won't ever sell that well. So, what are the 5 things? I made an acronym called FEELS. This is for 2 reasons; first, you want to make sure that your prospect feels something when they read your copy... and second, these 5 things won't' resonate as well if you're missing feeling and emotional connection. Here we go: F - Fast E - Easy E - Expert L - Lifestyle S - System If you hit on those points again and again in your ads and your sales message, you will make sales. Fast and easy make the most intuitive sense, obviously. You want to highlight how your product or service can help the prospect achieve their desired outcome faster and easier than without it. Next up we have Expert. This implies authority, trust, and proof. Your prospect wants to know that you are the right person for the job. That you can be trusted to deliver. The more you can show them that, the more likely they will want to work with you or your company. And that brings us to Lifestyle. The main point of this is to cover the major aspects of how your prospect's LIFE will be different after using your product/service. This requires you to get away from the "features/benefits" way of thinking and instead get more visceral and emotional and PRACTICAL. For example, if talking about a weight loss program this isn't saying you're gonna lose weight or "look better". This is having your prospect imagine herself sliding into that slender black dress she hasn't worn since high school. Finally, we have System. This simply means you want to highlight your proven process or procedure to get the outcome your product delivers every time. This can be as basic as showing people how the blender works, for example. That is a "system". So, is a marketing strategy for Facebook Ads. Bonus points if you give your system a name too. Go use these in your copy and ads and see how well your audience responds.
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