Daily Growth Tip: Increase conversions by reducing...
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Daily Growth Tip: Increase conversions by reducing time-to-value for invitees Optimizing time-to-value is critical — and it isn't just for new customers. Show potential clients who receive an invitation or the outcome of a growth loop that they have immediate value. If your product includes a growth loop in which the output is given to non-users, it is critical that the recipient's time-to-value is as short as possible. Loom is a wonderful illustration of this; when a user sends a video, the recipient may immediately view, comment, and so on without having to register or go through any hoops. Even if you don't have a growth loop like Loom, having a quick time-to-value is a key aspect of "refer a friend" features. Whatever you do, avoid putting these potential customers in conflict (like a signup form). Instead, deliver value right away. This should increase the likelihood of their signing up later on.
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