Anyone posting video content on LinkedIn? How’s y...
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Anyone posting video content on LinkedIn? How’s your ROI been compared to text/image?
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I have a campaign that I’ve been managing that contains video. It is for an events venue that is really unique. Cost is very high (e.g. six figures plus). The objective is to reach a defined set of professionals in specific regions and generate leads. Has been working well for several years. The value generated from the leads is very high, but it takes a lot of post conversion sales to get the value. But yes, LI works. Video in LI works. Both in ads and InMail
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@Alex Giedt thanks for the insight. how often do you post videos compared to other types of content? 🤔
@Alex Giedt I would like to ask if image content can be experimented first if so what was the impact and the reason to choose video content over image