As an email marketing agency owner, I spend a lot ...
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As an email marketing agency owner, I spend a lot of time crafting different cold emails for different clients in different industries. Based on what we have tested so far, our best performing cold emails are: • Are less than 90 words • Are 3-sentence paragraphs long • Goes straight to the point • Only ask one question Here's an example of a cold email template that has worked wonders for us: Hi first name - I saw you're the VP of Sales at Acme and are more likely focused on increasing sales and helping your reps hit their KPI So I wanted to send you a quick note about my company. We worked with a VP of Sales who used our tool to streamline their outbound sales, resulting to a 30% in booked meetings. I believe we can do the same for you. Interested? Let me know, and I can send over a few times to chat Hope this was helpful! And if you need help with your cold email campaign, feel free to message me.
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Hi Melvis, would you say this is valid across the board or do you work with specific types of businesses? Do you focus only on B2B?
Same question as Sam 👍
Mainly B2B