Here’s a strategy that I've been using to book dem...
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Here’s a strategy that I've been using to book demos for both ourselves and clients in the US market, with a 7% reply rate and 1.5% meeting rate. It allows us to Book a Demo with ANYONE from CEOs of small businesses to Director and VP titles in Fortune 5000 using Reciprocity (for example, one of our clients just closed Best Buy for a $250K deal). Also the leads are much warmer. 1) Pick a very targeted Demographic Get accurate data. Without reliable data, nothing else matters. Also, clean it before sending it no matter where you get the data from. I like to use ZoomInfo for it. 2) Find an interesting gift (that's not too big) to send someone that EVERYONE will want. Usually a food item. If you're sending a gift, it must follow the path of a want, not a need. Almost everyone loves dessert, such as a local cookie shop and even if they don't want it for themselves, they give it to a colleague, friend, or loved one. 3) Don't just send a gift, ask if can you send it? This builds trust and also gets your attention to know if there is potential interest. You also don't break the bank by sending it to everyone on your list. 4) Once a gift is sent, follow up. Don’t ask for the meeting right away. This is where reciprocity takes place. Follow up with emails, linkedin messages, and calls to check in and ensure they received the gift. Only then do you casually ask to sync up. 5) Confirm the day of (and not just with Calendly reminders) Make sure to send a personal email, and a call (even if leaving just a voicemail) on the day of the meeting. Create a great reminder and accountability. 6) Create a no-show email campaign involving 2-3 emails and 2-3 phone calls. If anyone does miss the meeting, have a campaign ready to go just as you would on a 1st communication to get them back. We go with at least 7 steps. With this process, you can book as many as 1.5% of ANY target, even those in the Fortune 5000 space. ROI is always important. The usual cost for us is around 2,000 dollars to get 10-15 meetings (half the people accept the gifts and then half the people who accept gift, book demos). But if you have an offering valued at just $6 to $8K overall and close 10%, you're in a great place. The ROI can be 100s and even 1000x in the positive for larger deals.
Love the free gift dessert it’s super original and unique, everybody loves that.