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Daily Growth Tip: Build backlinks with the teammate technique People are more inclined to connect to your article if you offer them an opportunity to improve their own material. Increase your SEO by identifying holes in articles and contacting the authors to assist them in filling them. I*tamar Blauer improved his referring domains by 553% in a year by employing an SEO approach known as the "teammate technique."* He has a 45% success rate with it, and the backlinks are among the highest-quality links he has ever produced. He also increased his profile and built partnerships. The objective is to add value to the website owner by assisting them in improving their material and/or skills - in essence, you're becoming a teammate. Begin by producing high-quality content that demonstrates your expertise. Include portions that go beyond the boundaries of what other people have written. Then look for content on the subject that is missing either these portions or other crucial features. Itamar gives the example of developing a YouTube SEO article and then targeting articles that do not have information about cards or end screens. You can locate these articles by typing intitle:youtube seo -cards -"end screens" -"end screen" into Google. Once you've identified a few prospects, reach out — people will be more open because it will immediately help their content. Itamar even offers to hop on a call with them to help them through it if they are unfamiliar with what he is saying. And, of course, he receives a link to his article in return.
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