Daily Growth Tip: Summarize influencer content to ...
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Daily Growth Tip: Summarize influencer content to gain exposure. Influencers can boost your content in a variety of ways. Utilize their knowledge and reach new audiences by summarizing your best bits of content. Joel Hansen of Kernal had over 100,000 views on a Twitter thread, with 271 likes and 52 retweets. It was his best-performing tweet to date, and it took him less than 10 minutes to write. How did that happen? He took a Sahil Bloom article he liked and summarized his favorite parts into 20 tweets, giving Sahil credit on the first and last. Then he posted it and DM'd Sahil, who liked and reacted right away (they had exchanged messages before, so this was not completely cold). Joel also pinned it for good measure. The thread went viral, presumably because it had strong content and anyone who knew Sahil was more likely to trust, read, and engage with it. The latter was especially useful as retweets began to pour in and Joel's thread reached new audiences — Sahil's reply surely helped in that sense as well. In addition to reaching new audiences, it's possible that this enhanced Joel's bond with Sahil.
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