I spent last weekend diving deep into Notion's amb...
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I spent last weekend diving deep into Notion's ambassador program - here's what consumer brands can learn about creating an ambassador-driven growth machine: TL;DR: "Ambassadors" go one level deeper than affiliates or influencers. An ambassador resonates with your brand so much that they want to organically share your products. It's not always about getting the most # of influencers, it's about building deep relationships with a few advocates. ➡️ START WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS It's tempting to go in the influencer route and start cold DMing popular influencers in your niche. But in doing this, you miss out on another valuable asset - your own community! Notion's marketing team noticed a few tweets doing the rounds about how people are falling in love with their product. They reached out to these superfine and started off their ambassador program with raving fans as their first ambassadors. ➡️ BUILD CLOSELY WITH EARLY FANS As your program builds some early momentum, stay close to your early ambassadors and take their input on how you can improve the program. Notion added their first dozen or so ambassadors in a Slack group chat and built each part of the program closely with them. This helped them tailor an attractive experience for future ambassadors. Build small, scale later. ➡️ CLARITY AND EXCLUSIVITY Notion is pretty clear on who they want as an ambassador and who they don't want to work with. Not every casual Notion fan can become an ambassador as it comes with a set of commitments. It is important for you to know this for your brand. This way you attract less people, but you attract the right people. ➡️ SPECIAL PERKS Your ambassadors are more than just customers or influencers. They're a closer part of your brand, so treat them that way. You can't just have expectations and requirements from them and not give anything in return. Notion sends swag, has ambassador forums, and does other small things to make them feel special. You can do something like this too 🙂 ➡️ ACTIVATING THE COMMUNITY Chances are, if someone is aligned with your brand mission, they share a lot of other things in common. For example, if someone uses Notion, they're likely to be into tangential topics like productivity, journalling, reading, self-improvement, etc. Make the community stick to each other - your brand is just an excuse to come together. If you want to see my entire research, lmk and I'll send it to you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these tactics, especially if you run an ambassador/influencer program! Cheers 🥂
Great tip, so much useful information! 🙌
Thanks @Joana Donkova!