5 Best Product Launch Examples with Key Takeaways ...
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5 Best Product Launch Examples with Key Takeaways Product launch example #1: Cox Communications Cox Communications is the third largest cable provider in the US. With the constantly evolving EdTech (educational technology) industry on their side, they were preparing to launch a new educational app for kids called FastTrack. It enabled kids to practice math and English skills they needed more help on and work ahead of their grade level for enrichment. In addition, it would allow parents to keep track of their children’s progress and share information with teachers. But before all, this new and exciting tool needed to be tested to ensure it would work and get the word out before it was released. Their strategy was simple: a killer landing page capturing people’s email addresses and building a list. Investing in ads on Facebook allowed them to target moms and proceeded to reach out to influential mommy bloggers and educational gurus. The subsequent outreach campaign was designed to forge strategic relationships and secure opportunities for guest blogging. Each guest blog drove traffic to the landing page. The campaign converted an impressive 6% of the target audience to FastTrack. Despite large competitors on the market, there was still room for an app that provided the newest updates. Key takeaways:Having a solid reputation and partnering up with influential people provides trust in the product you are selling.Creating buzz and building anticipation increases the products’ popularity.Relate to your consumers and sell them the experience your product or service provides.