Hello guys, a cautionary tale. Although we've just...
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Hello guys, a cautionary tale. Although we've just started and only have a couple of dozen of customers, we've just survived a massive hacker attack. And I mean it - hundreds on thousands of requests per hours from different countries all around the word. If not for our security guy, we would crash massively. Luckily we're okay. We've added additional security measures and now we're safe. I'm writing this to warn you that it's never too soon to prioritize security. Not a growth tip per se, but a very important thing nonetheless.
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Thanks for sharing. Any headlines/bullet-points on what your security guy did to mitigate? Also - if you're in the cloud - AWS/GCP/Azure have built-in ddos protections, but I've always been skeptical that those do anything when attacked
What's your business?
@Ross Norvell B2B Saas
We provide SMS-based communication platform for companies, so we had to protect ourselves agains phising