# growth-tips


12/20/2021, 11:27 AM
Here are the results of a marketing experiment I did in reddit to attract more traffic, that surprisinglsy worked: • The experiment consisted in adding snow-theme to my website and publishing it to reddit, in the r/web_design channel. It had to have some quality, since redditors don't like fast/cheap content in most of the cases. • I spended roughly 4 hours in depeloping it, since all parts of the snow-theme where taken from the internet and integrated to the website. • I got 132 upvotes on reddit (that is quite nice and let it be on the top of the week) • I got 1.4k visits that day • I got 300 visits the next day also, and still getting some visits due to that post. Note that this traffic is not of quality, few of the 1.4k have returned to search for a job, but overall I think it was worth for the time spended on it. Here is the link to the reddit post if anyone curious:
@Tarik Kurspahic Aproximately ~9% of the users interacted with the app, by doing search, or by clicking a link etc.