Every action has an opposite reaction - Slowing do...
# growth-tips
Every action has an opposite reaction - Slowing down to accelerate (a breathe work skill i use to accelerate myself through slowing-down first) Wanted to share my insight for getting things done (especially when working on your side hustle). This quote had a different meaning to me before I started to deepen my understanding in the field of breath work. i use-it and work by it every time when I find myself overwhelmed with the situation or can’t find the motivation to step-up and do something. Long-story short, slowing down your breath , exhaling and holding for a bit, gives a better clarity on the situation and could make a better decision. I personally use it every time I need to face difficulties or decide between two important decisions. Inhale normally, Hold for a bit, Exhale it all and close your eyes. Repeat to yourself in your mind , slow down my thoughts, and the answer will come just vividly as a thought or a vision. Count 3,2,1. and .... the motivation kicks your ass from behind to start. It’s easy enough to do when overwhelmed, and helps to delude the brain fog. The moment of clarity helps me to see the 1-2-3 steps that need to be done first and foremost, without looking too much into the end result but focusing on the required process. p.s. let me know if you try it (even right now) and feel the effect. i drew a little graph to visualize this: