How I scaled my organic traffic from 600 to 11k in...
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How I scaled my organic traffic from 600 to 11k in just 4 months (with a potential of touching 50k in a few months) A little bit about me first - Before starting my own business, I was a data scientist with always an interest in marketing and sales. I started my company protonAutoML 2 years ago and then merged with Cliently a year ago. Currently, I handle all operations and marketing in Cliently, and we have a small team of 20 employees. Cliently is a sales engagement platform/ sales outreach tool. We also do some machine learning consulting. Now the beginnings - Exactly 6 months ago, ,my friend Kirti started persuading me to start blogging. He showed me how some websites scaled to 100k traffic. Until then, we just believed in outbound and thought as a small team should just focus efforts there. So I started researching and it took me a few days to convince myself. We brought in kirti as our consultant 4 months ago and undertook this massive project. Initially, we were all over the place. We were writing on wrong keywords, the content was too poor, the images used in blogs were bad, we didn’t have a checklist for bloggers, no checks in place on blogs published. Moreover, I was wasting some of our time in posting same content in medium and quora. But I could feel, we were onto something big, so I started focusing all my attention on it. I started being more selective with keywords, made a checklist for bloggers and hired 2 approvers, whose only job was to ensure the quality of blogs. But producing blogs is only half the job, getting backlinks is no easy feat especially when you have no seo and marketing experience. But then I am a doer and doers always navigate their way in uncharted territories. I joined various fb groups, slack channels, discord channels, telegram groups, reddit communities, and email lists. I got 200 backlinks in 30 days and then documented the whole process for my team. So I hired 4 people just for backlink exchanges. Right now we have built relationships with many companies and we exchange like 2-3 backlinks with them every month. And then? The results started coming in. Today, we get like 80-100 trials a month just from organic traffic. Ofcourse, like any other company, most are trash but some are really good, for instance, yesterday, we had 2 people sign up for our premium plans coming from google search. What do we need to work on now? We need to make our pages more seo optimized (for which we are bringing a consultant) Delete irrelevant keyword blogs Re-write articles to high-quality articles Build more backlinks on bottom of funnel articles What future holds? Google has so far indexed 1100 articles. WE have published a total of 3k and 2k more need to be published in the next few weeks. So I expect my traffic to be atleast 4 times when all articles are indexed.