Today, let me give you my playbook for getting 100...
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Today, let me give you my playbook for getting 100 premium SaaS backlinks a month, which drives 700 inbound signups & 65k traffic a month for us. Note - we didn’t even have a blog page on our site until December 2021. But first, what are backlinks & what is the need? Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings. Always remember, content gives you linear growth but backlinks give you exponential growth. Now let me explain the ways in which you can get backlinks: Organic backlinks - you write unique high-value content, & you have certain authority, people will share on the internet. Neilpatel & HubSpot are good examples. I get around 10-20 backlinks a month like this. Paid backlinks - You pay websites to give you backlinks. You can go to sites like adsy & simply place an order. Problem with these sites is that most sites offered are pbns or news sites or just blogs. There is a lot of work in just finding right saas site. I prefer cold emailing high-traffic SaaS websites asking for paid links. Now some people put up my backlink in one of their blogs, while rest, ask me to write a guest post for them. This is a little tedious as everyone has their own content guidelines. The market standard for a 20k traffic saas website is 70-150 dollars. Saving me a lot & making this process scalable instead of replying on link-building sites. I secure 30 backlinks a month via this method. AB exchange - you exchange links directly with somebody. X gives a direct link to one of the blogs of Y & then Y gives to a blog of X. This can backfire as Google can easily find out this & then penalise your website. ABC exchange - X gives a link to Y, Y gives a link to Z, & Z gives a link to X. If you do this, there is virtually no way for google to pick this up since there is no predictability here. When I started out back in December 2021, I had 2 websites of my own & took another 3 websites from my friends. So I would reach out to people & tell them I have 5 SaaS websites; this gave me a lot of leverage while exchanging but also make exchanges quick & easy. Further, these people would tell their SEO friends to contact me since I had 5 premium saas websites. In the SEO community, premium saas websites are king. Currently I have 9 saas websites, so just with one website, I do a lot of exchanges. So this is how the exchange would occur - I have 5 websites, A, B, C, D & E. John has 2 websites, X & Y. I would give links from A, B & C to X & then D, E to Y. In return I would take links from X on D & E; & Y on A, B, & C. Over time, we have joined some 20 communities on slack & FB for the ABC exchange. We actively look out for posts & even message people. I get 30-50 backlinks a month just doing this. Use these backlinking hacks and grow your traffic 100x within 6-12 months.
Hi harsh nice concept we are ramping up our seo efforts for our saas company any help will be appreciated
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