# growth-tips

Casey Hill

09/12/2022, 7:28 PM
If you do a wild marketing experiment, like parachute your executive team out of a helicopter with huge branded flags over a big music festival….. It may lead to millions of eyes, but very likely will have little to no impact in 12 months. On the other hand, if you raise your Domain Authority from 20 -> 80 over the course of 24 months, it will almost assuredly have a cumulative, long-term positive effect for your business. These long-term levers are highly coveted as they lead to step-changes in the business. Podcasts for us was one of these, staying our third highest source of paid traffic years after our initial push. So what are a list of these type of marketing levers and how can we lean into them? • Partnering w/ an ecosystem (building an integration with say Salesforce or Shopify) • Building a community/group (one of the most powerful long-horizon growth plays out there is to build a high-value community)Growing an owned asset (creating a noteworthy podcast or blog) • SEOMarketplaces (say you build a marketplace of 100 templates and keep adding) • Brand awarenessGet featured in a growing asset (We got a chapter written about us in Superfans and as that book went on to sell thousands of copies, we were connected to that success. Same thing with podcasts. The key is a growing asset, things like a PR feature in Forbes wouldn’t classify) • Reviews (these accumulate over time to increasing advantage)Getting listed on a prominent tools list (brands listed on influencer websites under their tools sections can get massive traction. I have seen this with Pat Flynn)
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