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<!channel> What would you ask Rand Fishkin? You can ask him anything. Everything from the future of SEO to why he likes t-shirts so much. Rand is the co-founder of Moz and SparkToro, tools you've probably used at some point of your marketing career. He'll be our guest and answer questions in the #Ask-a-growth-question channel on 8th November at 9PM CET. That's 7PM GMT time, 3PM EST time and 12PM PT time. How do you ask Rand a question? Simple: a) Be there in the right place at the right time b) Just reply to this Slack thread with your question and I'll ask it for you.
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What's the best growth hack to rank on google lens? πŸ™‚
What's the most underrated SEO technique?
Rand, you've pivoted from SEO to PR & Social with SparkToro. Unlike SEO where you can create keyword rich blog content, or technical SEO fixes for page load speed which can be approached by an individual or small team with a straightforward formula, these channels are more challenging to tap. How would you advise marketing professionals and agencies who are looking to take advantage of these channels in a consistent and predictable way?
In the context of zero-click content, how can data-driven content marketers prove the efficiency of their content distribution strategies, when there’s no direct correlation between social/ PR engagement and leads?
What are your thoughts on the AI tech coming out that will write blog content for you. Is it worth it and is it effective?
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Came here to ask the same thing as @Jackson Griese about thoughts on AI content - I generated this using content at scale, as good as any non super premium writers I’ve used before https://acquire.substack.com/p/the-benefits-of-sales-funnel-software
Thanks @Richard Patey will give this a look.
@Jackson Griese @Richard Patey Google is aggressively downranking AI written articles