Reddit has been a popular channel for user acquisi...
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Reddit has been a popular channel for user acquisition and growth; I wanted to ask you Pros, what is your approach when posting on Reddit, and have you seen any success on Reddit in terms of growth and user acquisition? Here are some things I have learned about Reddit: • Post where my audience is. • Create a blog post about lessons I've learned. • Post the same article on different subs, but don't overdo it. • Double-check the rules in the subreddits where I post, clean my content, and then post.
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Take a break of 1-2 days while reposting.
Anyone here need help with Reddit? I download all 300GB+ of comments from Reddit per month and run some nerd magic on it to understand how people in one subreddit belong in another, so I can give you lookalike audiences for Reddit. Here's an example for r/iPhone