What should be your expected CTR, monthly visitors...
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What should be your expected CTR, monthly visitors and signup rate for a landing page?
Very vague question; depends entirely on your industry, product, geography, and other factors
For CTR average is 2.35%, ideally you want to have 5% or more. For monthly visits: 500 is okay but you should aim to go to 1000 or more. For sign up rate, I'm guessing you mean conversion rate: For good conversion rate I would say go for 12% or more
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These are general statistics @Buse B., but as @Lak says it always depends on other factors.
Yep, as an example, for my last B2B business, I would have considered a 1% CTR as a massive win due to the big-ticket average sale. For my mass market B2C business, I don't break even until I hit ~3%
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I think monthly visits should exceed 1k as well, my ideal number was to get 2k monthly in order to see the demand. And, %12 conversion rate, is not it a bit high? 😄
@Buse B. - 12% from "arrived at landing page" to "Signed up" is a fairly average (maybe even below average) conversion rate. But again - depends on your business and the industry benchmarks