Hey Pros, I am building an ATS (applicants tracki...
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Hey Pros, I am building an ATS (applicants tracking system) and I want to get few beta users. I am targeting early-stage startup founders and recruiters. Here's my website: www.solidhire.io I request tips to how to effectively reach target audience. Thanks in advance!
To start with, I would remove the gmail account from the footer, this is a B2B service and having free email will deter prospects away. I would suggest looking at what other ATS for startups doing and their messaging to understand how to position yourself. First step, search product hunt for ATS and study the results carefully to articulate your USP
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You also need to consider accessibility. For two reasons: 1. Visuals are good, but you need to account for people who use screen readers to navigate your website. That's why you'll need to have a richer HTML document. (For more information on this, see this Hubspot article). 2. Optimizing for accessibility has SEO benefits, too. Search engine crawlers, such as Googlebot, first index the HTML version of your website and then move on to any JS elements. If your content is hidden within or loaded via JS elements, the crawler may consider your website "empty" because it doesn't contain any valuable information for the users. As a result, it may delay any subsequent crawls for your website. (For more information on JS rendering and indexation, check out this article from the Google developers blog). I hope this helps. :)
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