Over the years I answered quite a few questions on...
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Over the years I answered quite a few questions on Quora In the past week, I decided to check there to consider directions for business development. It feels like the questions are old, and topics have not been touched for months and years. What is your take on Quora?
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Quora has a lot of potential, it is similar to reddit, you have to dedicate some time to it, but if you do it right you can get some great results.
@Ivan has a tool for Quora marketing specifically, he has more knowledge about Quora so he can give you some advice as well.
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Hello @Stefan Despotovski thank for the insight.
@Ivan Would appreciate you advice on Quora, as I heard that you have a tool for Quora marketing. Why does it feel stalled to me? Like if nothing happens there for years?
And of course would appreciate learning on your tool for Quora.
I did a simple sanity check. Looked on widely used programming languages, about which you see continuously posts in Reddit. And in Quora nothing for months.
I was actually trying to check about “Auctions” in quora.
And came up with 8 years old answers.
This triggered my question.
Thanks in advance for any insight @Ivan
Hi @Yoram Kornatzky I checked questions about ReactJS and there are plenty of new question in the last month: https://www.quora.com/search?q=reactjs&time=month&type=question
The majority of Quora's traffic is coming from search engines. Therefore, older questions are usually better in terms of ranking on Google.
However, Quora is not growing as fast compering to Reddit. That's needed to be said.
I checked your topic: "Auctions" and it returned very satisfactory results. Questions related to your keywords have between 40000 - 60000 weekly views. you can see the full report here: https://app.qapop.com/analysis/ec520651-5adc-4b58-9b02-89c463cfcdd5
Thanks. This is certainly useful. I understand now how to be more effective in my search.
QApop seems like a useful tool for Quora. I wrote down to myself to check it.
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awesome 😉 let me know if you need anything