Hey guys, I'm starting to build my "content machin...
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Hey guys, I'm starting to build my "content machine," and I'm curious: 1. How much do you invest every month in content? (time/money) 2. Do you outsource it completely or keep some of the content process in-house (content planning, keyword research, backlink building...)? 3. What's your content strategy?
let me start 🙂 1. Investing around $1.5k/month for content writing (4 blog posts) + content distribution (social posts, Quora answers, newsletter...). 2. I do content strategy + keyword research. Outsourcing blog post writing and content distribution. 3. My process: a. I'm researching the best Quora questions and check on what keywords they rank in Google. b. Then I do keyword research around these keywords/topics. c. Copywriters create content based on that. d. I recycle this content to create LinkedIn, FB posts, Twitter Thread, Quora answers, newsletter, etc.
Hey @Ivan ! Great question, I’m beginning to think about that myself. My thoughts (though I’m quite new to this stuff): 1. 20 hours, $0 2. completely in-house. i’m at the very beginning, so i think that it should be 100% passion-driven and all content should be authentic 3. 1 blog post per month, 1 linkedin post per week. my general approach is to build my personal brand, and prepare myself for potential exit from employment and into freelance. feel free to check out my latest blog post here 🙂
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