Hi All, Has anyone tried Quora ads for SaaS? Is ...
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Hi All, Has anyone tried Quora ads for SaaS? Is it worth investing on Quora ads? If so Iā€™d love discuss the targeting method and strategies that worked for you.
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@Ivan is an expert in this I believe
Thanks @Stefan Despotovski šŸ™ Yes, Quora Ads are great for B2B SaaS!!! ā€¢ you can precisely target questions related to our business ā€¢ you can achieve organic referral traffic in the long term ā€¢ it has lower cost comparing to other platforms (FB, Google, LinkedIn...) I suggest using 3 types of Quora ads: 1. Promoting your answers for questions that get organic traffic from Google (over 60% of Quora's traffic coming from search engines) 2. Run Contextual Ads targeting specific questions related to your business/target audience. 3. Run Behavioral Ads targeting people who visited specified questions in the past. You can learn more here or just feel free to send me a message anytime.
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Hi @Ivan , Thanks. These are helpful.
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