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Weekly question <!channel> What do you hope to achieve with the content you create for your business? Inspired by the last question from @Robbie King, I know that most of you here are creating some sort of content for your business (That could be blogs, videos, gifs, memes etc.) and I believe most of you have a goal for creating that content (For example, I write blogs to boost the SEO of my website, I write blogs to attract potential clients etc.), what goal are you trying to achieve with your content creation? 1️⃣ Boosting SEO rank of your website 2️⃣ Attracting potential clients 3️⃣ Showcase your knowledge on a certain topic 4️⃣ Educating your readers 5️⃣ Providing free value to potential and current clients 6️⃣ Just for fun 😁 7️⃣ Other (Specify in the thread)
6️⃣ 2
3️⃣ 7
7️⃣ 2
2️⃣ 23
5️⃣ 10
1️⃣ 21
4️⃣ 12
We split #2 into awareness (less quantifiable/ longer term/ non-gated content) and lead gen (more measurable/ gated content).
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Got it thank you for sharing @Delia Ene
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Content, even if it doesn’t attract potential clients, is often used by potential clients/customers to help make a purchase decision to see if the organization is a good fit for them. I would group that under 5, but I think seeing content as an attract/engage strategy is going to have folks disappointed. You need something different and the content is going to hep nurture people down the funnel.
@Max (they/them) what have you tried from the "different" that you mentioned and worked well for you? Interested to find out more.
Delia, I think that it depends on what stage of business and industry, but content marketing is not going to be your main traffic generation tool. I often steer early-stage clients towards either collaborations/partnerships with businesses in complementary industries or to bolster their PR strategy (interviews, guest posts, speaking) to generate traffic. Other options can be SEO or ads but I recommend that for people who have good results from their organic funnels or are able to invest in a long-term strategy. People don’t just land on your website after you publish a blog. Content marketing requires content distribution and it’s typically to the audience you’ve already acquired (social channels and email list). It’s to nurture the relationship but you need to get in front of new eyeballs first to get them into your community/audience for it to be successful. Hope that helps.
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