Hi everyone, is there a marketplace that exists wh...
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Hi everyone, is there a marketplace that exists where you can say you're open to forming strategic partnerships with other businesses? In my case, I'm looking to partner with any B2B company who has existing clientele that accepts payments electronically. For context, I help businesses of all sizes reduce their merchant fee costs for free.
Hey Jamil, “accepts payments electronically” does that account for crypto payment infrastructure/gateway?
Yes it does, I'm agnostic to it all. If I don't have a partnership in place with the provider I'll typically seek it out if the customer demand is there. So in the crypto space, I'd be looking at the likes of Coinbase commerce, solanapay, Moonpay, bitpay and others
Sometime back I found something like this. Don't recall the name. Let me check my browser history
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Whoa. It took me some time but here it is saasmate.co I had thought of trying it out but never got a chance.
I can delegate task to trial now to you 😜
This is great. I'm just not sure how they'll get paid when my service is free for merchants. I only make money from the service provider (not affiliate).. That side is the easier part of my business.