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Stefan Despotovski

05/31/2022, 2:20 PM
Daily Growth Question: Should a startup invest in its branding? My answer for this yes and here is why: Startups should build their brands from the very beginning. So while brands appear to be about visual identity on the surface, they are ultimately expressed via behaviors. The logo, fonts, and colors are essential, but they are just the visual representation of your objective, point of view, and actions. You should constantly be mindful and invest in the company’s activities, as here is where your brand genuinely resides. Your brand is built by how you think about the problems you address, the value you bring, and how you articulate your objective. Next, your brand is formed by interacting with customers and vendors and how you engage them. Finally, your brand is built on how you respond when your technology or service fails. Let me know what is your opinion on branding, and how you do it for your startup.
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05/31/2022, 3:30 PM
It really depends on the stage of the startup. In the first two years it's about finding the right messaging, understanding the pain points, content, etc. Colors and logos are not important at this stage. Once the startup pass this stage, I agree about branding. This is just my own experience and I might be totally wrong
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