I am building a service to manage the backup of da...
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I am building a service to manage the backup of databases. How can I find contacts of people from small scale startups who may be interested in availing the service?
Here’s one good option, listed under “Prospecting” https://nathanbarry.com/sales/ @Amarjeet
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Thanks @Chris Drit for sharing. I wasn't aware of the tools like NerdyData and builtWith. This is great.
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Wow, i'm really impressed by this article. Thanks for sharing this.
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For first 100 users, I always suggest finding people, who are searching for answer - instead of asking them if they are interested. Mostly people who have faced the disaster in last few days ( Using Twitter search ), or people who have recently attended any webinar or event about Data Security or similar ( Using Linkedin events ). Or people who are even reacting on such posts about someone losing all or their data because of no backup. Like, comment or anything. Might need manual hunt, but super high chances of conversion always 🙂
Thanks Saurabh for such a smart idea... This is really helpful. 🙏
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Hi all, I would like to ask for some best practices to have a giveaway LinkedIn Post and Tweet?