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Daily Growth tip: Leverage wildcard content to get more traffic in less time SEO can be time-consuming due to keyword research and content generation. By generating templated content for wildcard keywords, you may spend less time creating more content. Wildcard content is an SEO method in which various pieces of content are created depending on a search query with a variable term. It enables you to identify a large number of keywords and generate templated material, saving you time and improving your SEO game. As an example, suppose you are an SEO expert. Search something like "does * matter for SEO" in a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Then, if you're using Ahrefs, go to the "Matching Terms" page and filter by difficulty and volume to get a solid list of wildcard keywords where the asterisk is replaced with relevant phrases — in this example, "does URL matter for SEO", "does word count matter for SEO", and so on. Create an article that focuses on one of the keywords, then use it as a model for the others. If you don't have access to one of these tools, simply put the same question into Google, and the autocomplete feature will provide several results.
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Wouldn’t it create look-alike articles? At some point in my career, I wrote articles for a blockchain company, even though I did not use this method. The topics were different, but the introduction was similar, you know, describe what they do, then get to the topic. And I got criticism that the articles look the same.
Hey @Yoram Kornatzky sorry I just saw your comment, depends on how you write the content, wildcard content just helps you create more content faster and more efficiently, but as a content writer you should try to make the content articles more varied even when you use wildcard content.
But also you can say that in some use cases Wildcard content is not a good strategy.