The best ways to generate leads for b2b SaaS asap:...
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The best ways to generate leads for b2b SaaS asap: Cold email LinkedIn Paid ads These can help you scale to multi millions if you have product market fit and execute these correctly.
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Yeah, totally agreed @Sam Knight.
Working on this with a client now. Would love to hear ideas on how he can build that email list for cold outreach.
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I tried them all initially and it resulted in 0 leads that convert. In all these channels, it is easy to feel like you're about to win because you find lots of lead but problem - all of them are cold and many of them think you're just a spammer. Which is true - cold email and unsolicited messages are spam. Paid ads are not personalized either. If I have to go back and fix it all I will actively avoid these channels.
Totally disagree this had lead to a ton of revenue for me
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This sounds interesting Sam. What are your tips or strategies on personalization? We have a solid offering with free demos. No matter how many level of personalization we are trying, it seems 98% of the cold reach or outbound lead gen attempts are ignored. While 2% replies back, they are like super confused and simply start ghosting after a while. This is based on 200+ cold emails. But what works best is inbound. Ideally, sharing the product on a platform or community.
I get around 20% to 30% reply from the emails and connections. Of that, 5% to 10% goes for call and demo. But this I also had to learn hard way. Initially, I was not getting much replies. However, personalization and actually offering something thatโ€™s mutually beneficial (something that makes sense) got me reply I think.
That's more than impressive. How much email open rate do you have? And which industry are you in? @Max Tsogt
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