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Jaskaran Singh

06/13/2022, 7:43 PM
Hi, I’m Jaskaran from The Social Juice. Here's What Happened on Social Media Last Week! Tiktok 🎶 Tiktok launched Avatars like Snapchat & IG to star in your next Tiktok Video. ( Engadget ) Tiktok is launching a screen time usage reminder like YouTube & IG. ( TV) Leaks: Tiktok is testing a new feature that enables you to share comments from videos in DMs. Instagram 📸 Instagram let’s you pin your posts from now, A really great feature. (TC) Instagram is updating Sensitive Control feature for explore page and that may or may not impact your Instagram reach. (SEJ) Twitter 👨‍💻 Twitter’s Report Tweet Update rolling out faster and is effective in removing bad content .( SEJ) Twitter’s releases Product Drops feature to let shoppers track new products. ( RD) Twitter launched Quick-follow for Twitter Spaces when a space ends. (Tweet) Twitter will hand over spam bot data to Elon musk to seal $61 billion deal. (Guardian) Leaks: Twitter is working on transparent and custom feed algorithms to provide users access to control their feeds. Meta 🤖 Meta is working on Basic Ads- Privacy friendly Ads. (Pay) Meta stops development of AR glasses, and other hardware aimed at Metaverse for now. ( wired ) WhatsApp given a month to fix its customers ToS concerns in EU. ( TC) Meta appoints new COO and investigating its previous COO sheryl sandyberg’s use of resources. (Yahoo) YouTube 📹 Youtube Lifts some restrictions for masthead Ads! ( SEL) YouTube Brings Shopping to YouTube Shorts with Its Beauty Fest 2022. (MD) YouTube launches New Critical Alerts Function tests Updated Format for Channel Navigation. (SMT) LinkedIn & Pinterest: You can boost your Next LinkedIn Event through Ads with new LinkedIn Update. ( Read ) LinkedIn announces Business Manager. (SEL) LinkedIn adds Lead-generation pages to forms. (Adweek) LinkedIn Expands Creator events to All Creators. (SEJ) Pinterest completes Acquisition of Shopping platform “The Yes”. (Nasdaq) Should I share these every week? Thanks for reading!
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Ashton Joyce

06/13/2022, 8:14 PM
This is great. If you could include links for each that would make it even better.


06/13/2022, 8:15 PM
Yes. Great to include a link to a static page or even a newsletter.

Jaskaran Singh

06/13/2022, 8:16 PM
Here's the link to edition with Google Search Updates also included:<|

gavriela dvorah gerson

06/14/2022, 10:18 AM
Great updates. Much appreciated!