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Daily Growth Tip: Expand your reach on the cheap with micro-influencers. Influencer marketing can be pricey. Get in front of a new audience without breaking the bank by working with micro-influencers. Big influencers are pricey — we're talking at least $1,000 for a post to 80,000+ followers. Micro-influencers, however, have highly engaged followings, and they only cost roughly $193 per post (up to 1,000 followers). Some are even happy to be compensated with the product alone. Darko of Zero to Users says his research has revealed that a number of indie hackers have had success with this. And he suggests using Twitter, as it tends to be the cheapest platform. When choosing a micro-influencer, confirm that their followers are in your target market, and make a decision based on their engagement; not the size of their following. Check out their content to make sure their values are aligned with your product. Then reach out. Consider giving them free access if they aren't already a customer, so that they become a fan of the product. Then give them free rein to write what they want in their own voice. And of course, make sure they prominently disclose that the post is a paid promotion.
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Who is setting the market? Is there someone helping connect everyone together? We have just started an affiliate program that would be perfect for these smaller influencers.
Can you repurpose this content to launch PPC campaigns? Is there a type of deal that you need to make with the influencer to get their approval to run ads with their content?
@Stefan Despotovski Rightly said! @Craig Broadbent For finding micro-influencers on Twitter (Auto mode), Dolphyn is good. I'm a founder. I can help you with the contact details as well of those founders. https://dolphyn.nullinnovation.com/
Didn’tget too great a result with dolphyn