# growth-tips

Lidia Vijga

05/23/2022, 3:12 PM
A lot of people on LinkedIn talking about how b2b brands should stand out with their ad campaigns, be educational, memorable and at the same time have fun 🤔 but no one is sharing a framework on what to do and how to create the foundation for these campaigns. There is a framework that marketers call a “Big Idea” and you can follow it too. First, the Big Idea is NOT a hook nor a value prop. The Big Idea is a combination of 2 things: 1. Your ethos – what YOU believe in, your objectives/mission and what your company stands for. After all, companies are extensions of founders. 2. Customer insight – The hidden truth about your ideal customer profile. It could also be the most painful thing your customers are going through but no one talks about. The BIG IDEA is the connection between your company ethos and customer insight. I'm a b2b startup founder and I'll post my example in the comments. Hope this helps!
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