GROWTH TIP OF THE WEEK Here's how to reach a sold...
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GROWTH TIP OF THE WEEK Here's how to reach a sold-out Madison Square Garden full of customers without expensive influencer shoutouts 👇 I call it the "Go small or go home" strategy. Nanoinfluencers are usually ignored by brands starting with influencer marketing as they want to go big or go home. Usually, their influencer program does end up going home instead of going big! 🥲 Do the opposite. Start small. I like to start with a 5k-10k follower range and grow gradually from there upto 25k. Some reasons why smaller creators perform better: 👉 More likely to work with emerging brands 👉 Have a better connect with their audience 👉 More likely to hop on ambassador programs (commission only!) 👉 Authentic content 👉 Potential to become big in the next couple of years Understand that 20k followers means potential for you to reach the MSG full of targeted niche buyers. I don't think the term "nano" influencer does justice to the scale and reach of these creators. Don't let big influencers and celebrity shoutouts fool you into chasing them. Go work with the ones who want to work with you on favorable terms 👊
Are you referring to the IG/TK influencers or YouTuber influencers?
Hey, thanks for the advice! How is it better to search for them? Do you recommend any tools?
@Jason Tan, mostly IG and Tiktok to start. Youtubers will charge you upfront due to the higher cost of creating content.
@Anton Ioffe, good question. I don't recommend going for database tools. Just use the platforms themselves. I wrote about this in-detail here, shared 8 methods here (only one involves database tools). Let me know if this is helpful!
@Yash Chavan thanks, I am going to check it
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@Eve Halimi
This is a helpful article @Yash Chavan, thanks for sharing it!
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Glad you found it useful, more here: