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GROWTH TIP OF THE WEEK: How to never run out of creators to reach out to for promoting your brand Many brands think that there aren't enough creators in existence for them to create a sustainable revenue channel through influencer marketing. 🧠 This is more of a mental roadblock than an actual one. The sheer number of nano and micro influencers across social media platforms proves this, but I wanted to share what worked for me tactically speaking. Here's what I did when I thought I was running out of creators: TANGENTIAL HASHTAGS Your brand will have 3-5 core hashtags. Tangential hashtags are indirectly related to your core hashtags. They touch on a similar topic that your potential buyers may be interested in. #crossfittraining is a tangential hashtag to #mixedmartialarts, #intermittentfasting is tangential to #ketodiet. You get the idea. If you find 3 tangential hashtags for every core hashtag, you'd have 3x-ed your potential creator pool right there. LOOKALIKES πŸ‘€ Look at the current partnerships you've done and find lookalike creators. You can use tools for this, but you can also do it for free. Once you follow someone on Instagram, it'll give you a list of creators similar to the one you just followed. Youtube does the same with it's video recommendations. Leverage their AI in your favor. COMPETITOR'S INFLUENCERS 🀼 It doesn't have to be a competitor strictly, it can also be a business that sells to the same market as yours. See who they partner with and reach out to them. Getting a bit long so continued in replies....
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FY PLATFORMS πŸ•ΈοΈ The goal is to tap into sources of influence, and they exist beyond social media. Look at podcasts, blogs, and newsletters to partner with. Newsletters have been some of the most high ROI partnerships for me. REFERRALS 🀝 Ask your present roster of creators for referrals to other creators they know. Usually, they know many good creators and can connect you directly. They're more likely to work with your brand (since it was referred to them) and you'll also skip their agency gatekeeper. πŸ“„ TO RECAP... If you think you're running out of creators to reach out to: β€’ Create a list of 30 tangential hashtags. β€’ Find 3-5 lookalikes for every current ambassador. β€’ Stalk competitors. β€’ Ask for referrals from current ambassadors. β€’ Diversify into other sources of influence. I hope this helps you break through barriers and scale your ambassador / influencer program to new heights πŸ—Ό Open to questions πŸ™‚
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