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05/07/2022, 5:17 AM
If high revenue is part of your SaaS plan You're going to need an system that converts free trail users to paid users One that reduces the churn rate Here’s how to build one that has the highest conversion rate System ?! That reduces CHURN RATE .. So complex Actually it's NOT The answer is email Sequence Email Sequences are series are emails that are automated to send to a prospect when they take a particular action So how does this Fit in reducing the churn rate of your SaaS? Goal of this email Sequence: -Provide the best customer experience -Make sure the customer isnt stuck at any stage of onboarding - Explain them in the best way of how your tool can help them solve a specific problem No of emails in this sequence: It varies depends on the complexity of the product and risk of the purchase decision For example: You don't need to send 15 emails to your customer to convince them to buy a high value freebie . But if you want them to buy your $150 monthly subscription SaaS, they ofcourse need more convincing, they will have more objections. #1 Email : Welcome them and Thank them for signing up for free trail If needed include a link to book a call and links to helpful resources #2 Email : Check with them about the setup and how they are doing. Also include link to your help page ( On your website) . If the setup is complex, add a link to book a call so that you can help them with the set up #3 Email : Send them an informative email that would help them For example, If you are a keyword research tool like @ahrefs send them about the best content marketing article on your blog and attach a snippet of the article in the email . Email 4 : Incase they are struck somewhere, attach the link to that particular article about the xx action which they are stuck in The whole goal of this Sequence is make sure the onboarding is as seemless as possible Action oriented emails : You should also set up action oriented emails like Email 4 For example, if the customer is stuck in uploading an image , send them a guide on uploading the media into your tool And DONE!!
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Kesavan -

05/09/2022, 5:20 AM
What tools have you come across that can automate this?


05/09/2022, 9:16 AM
There are different types of email automation tools. We can choose one based on what features we need , for example - A simple SaaS might not need to send the email - the same features as heavy web designing tool . Some tools I would suggest for starting are MailChimp or active campaign based on the complexity of your SaaS
And convertkit is very good too
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Benjamin Boman

05/09/2022, 12:49 PM
always cool to see what sequences people are using. How did you build up the series? E.g. you tested 5 different emails to send first, picked the best Then 5 different to send next, picked the best etc
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05/09/2022, 1:55 PM
For the Email Sequence - I actually ordered the sequence based awareness level and the need of the customer While they first sign up , the first priority for the prospect would be to login and use the app , so they may need to know the next step ... And as the sequence goes ... Our goal is to turn them into a paid customer . While their goal is to know how the tool can help them solve the problem xx So my Sequence is arranged in psychological order :)

Vimal Kutmutia

05/24/2022, 1:30 PM
@Lalitha this is very interesting. What tool would you recommend to a business model like us - Craftemo - design as a subscription